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Valerio & Eleonora - The Owners


Meet Valerio and Eleonora, 15 years together and still sharing their passion for life, memories and food. Both have huge experience working in Food and Hospitality throughout their working career, and now they bring you Papa' Bagel



" The inspiration behind opening a coffee shop came from my love of working as a barista in Italy and making my specialty cappuccinos. After many years and coffees later, the chance of opening a new business arose and we decided to go for it.  Here was born Papà Bagel. A project that met halfway between the Italian and British coffee culture.”

Although it's called Papa' Bagel and Valerio is the face of the business, this wouldn’t be possible without Eleonora and her support. In her time away from Papa and the Bagels Eleonora’s profession as a private chef and her other business (5chefsproject), another project both Valerio and Eleonora started 5 years ago.


Our mission is to serve our customers an energetic and fulfilling breakfast to all commuters and customers alike. Come and visit us for Breakfast, lunch, a snack or one of Valerio’s exceptional cappuccinos. 


Our fresh products are either sourced from local suppliers or imported from Italy. 

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